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John P. George

Consistent | Collaborative | Community Minded

 Working for Foggy Bottom/West End

John George: Working for Foggy Bottom/West End
For many years, I have worked to better the community... 

October 8, 2020

John George Requests Improvements to 26th and I Streets NW Streetscape Project 

As the streetscape project started in the fall of 2020 and plans became more widely available, along with a strong contingent of neighbors, I reached out to project organizers and DDOT to advocate for improvements to the design.  Following many emails and calls, I facilitated an on-site meeting for October 9, 2020.  While final outcomes are unknown at this time, I am listening to concerns, considering modifications, and gathering neighbors and decision-makers for open dialog. Stay tuned.

UPDATE:  The community voice has been heard!  Revised plans will be reviewed at the ANC 2A meeting on Wednesday October 21, 2020 starting at 7 pm.  The updated plans look promising! Join the discussion:

UPDATE: No final resolution on this topic.  More to follow.

September 4, 2020

John George Survives Nomination Challenge

I am on the ballot.  Many of my supporters have heard that my opponent challenged my nominating petition.  Reviewing signatures is part of the election process and my opponent or any other individual in DC could have reviewed and challenged the signatures.  I respect that.  However, what was difficult for me was her assertion of fraud - in her words, "that I committed an egregious violation of democracy" by submitting a fraudulent nominating petition.  


That couldn't be further from the truth. The DC Board of Elections (BOE) reviewed the signatures, denied the challenge, and has confirmed that I will be on the ballot.


Democracy prevails!  I have attached the full DC BOE findings if you would like to read the details.  

July 27, 2020

John George questions George Washington University on reopening plans

There are no easy answers as we navigate our lives through COVID-19.  I felt it was important to share community concerns following the release of the GWU reopening plans.  I emailed university leadership as well as attended ANC and community forums to represent these concerns.  Click here to read my observations about the reopening plan.

UPDATE: August 17, 2020 - A revised and updated GWU student code of conduct was issued on August 17, 2020. Refer to the links below to read more.


UPDATE: On July 27, 2020, GWU announced it would go virtual for the fall 2020 semester.  Details are still emerging. The University does have a community page to help answer questions and is updating the student code of conduct as well as an incident reporting site for logging student violations.  I remain a strong advocate for the community and share updated information as it is available.

August 31, 2017

John George addresses officials about hospital's helipad plans 

As many will recall, Universal Health Service, the For-Profit organization that operates GWU Hospital requested permission for a helipad on their roof at 24th and I Streets NW.  I objected, as did many Foggy Bottom residents, based on need as well as noise and safety reasons. I sent the letter to the city and GW as well as spoke to our DC Congress member, Eleanor Holmes Norton, about this situation and overall helicopter noise. 

UPDATE:  The helipad was installed and is operational;  Since that time, Eleanor Holmes Norton introduced and helped the House pass an amendment to combat airline and helicopter noise in Washington.  On August 2, 2020, Eleanor Holmes Norton co-sponsored another bill to collect helicopter noise data and track complaints similar to what is done for airline traffic.

October 5, 2020

John George Advocates for Equal COVID-19 Services for GWU Off-Campus Students

While GWU is operating virtually this semester with limited students on-campus, many students are living in and around Foggy Bottom/West End.  I am advocating for COVID-19 testing of off-campus students at the same level of those on-campus and to provide equal healthcare services for off-campus students.  I initiated correspondence with the GWU Community Relations Director as well as submitted comments to the DC Zoning Commission related to the GWU’s emergency campus plan. As a concerned parent, I believe a student is a student and the University has a responsibility to all.

UPDATE: GWU COVID-19 policies and testing practices will be discussed at the ANC 2A Meeting on Wednesday October 21, 2020 starting at 7 pm.  Join the discussion:

August 1, 2020

John George contacts DC Deputy Mayor for HHS regarding transient population issues

This topic has long been a subject of emails, phone calls and meetings.  The issues are complex and not easily addressed.  Key health and human services are needed.  Prompted by an email from a neighborhood resident, I recently wrote to DC's Vice Mayor for Health and Human Services regarding the sanitary conditions of the transient population.  I am sharing this correspondence here for broader review. 

UPDATE: On August 27, 2020, following continuing vocal concerns from the community and including a priority meeting with Ward 2 Councilmember Pinto, the sanitation station located at the corner of 26th and K Streets NW was moved out of the residential neighborhood over to 27th Street NW.  I appreciate the neighborhood suggestions and collaboration as well as the action from Councilmember Pinto; Deputy Mayor Turnage; and his staff. 

UPDATE: On August 6, 2020, additional community emails have prompted Deputy Mayor Turnage to consider an alternative location for the sanitation station located at 26th and K Streets NW to better serve intended audience. Specific updates to be provided.

UPDATE:  On August 4, 2020 I did receive a response from the Deputy Mayor clarifying the process and city actions there didn't appear to be immediate relief on relocation of the sanitation station.  He did encourage residents to continue conversations with his Chief of Staff, Rayna Smith. 

October 26, 2018

John George testifies in front of the DC City Council regarding GW Hospital Expansion 

I value quality healthcare for all District residents, but I objected to how the DC City Council was fast tracking a deal to build a hospital in Southeast contingent on an expansion of facilities at the Foggy Bottom GWU Hospital.  See my complete testimony to the DC City Council on this matter.


Update:  On December 16, 2018 I continued follow-up on this important matter by sending the following letter to all City Council members voting on Council Bill 22-0959.  Click here to read this correspondence.  I also attended the City Council hearing, but nonetheless, the Bill passed.

Update: On April 30, 2020 DC's Mayor announced an agreement with UHS/GW Hospital to build and manage a high quality hospital in Southeast WITHOUT a hospital expansion at the Foggy Bottom campus.

June 27, 2003

John George organizes neighborhood over rodent problem

Rats! Rats! Rats!  The problem is not new as evidence by a notice I wrote to neighbors in 2003 to band together and work with the City to help reduce rodent populations.  

Update Yes, we still have rats, but through active participation by our "Rat Patrol" and the Foggy Bottom Association, we now have routine monitoring and a solid community relationship with the District's Rodent Control Department. Let's continue to work together to reduce the rat and rodent population.

What My Neighbors Are Saying

Susan L.
Queen Anne's Lane NW Resident

I’ve watched and listened to John over 23 years as a resident in Foggy Bottom.  He has always been  balanced, thoughtful and truly engaged in our neighborhood concerns.


I’ve always appreciated John’s ability to listen to everyone then react quietly and methodically. He doesn’t just point out problems...he presents solutions. 

Pennsylvania Ave. NW Resident

John is deeply committed to the neighborhood is ready to work on the issues that affect our neighbors and families. His experience and proven leadership will be invaluable for the ANC

A 26th Street NW Resident

My wife and I are 20-year residents of Foggy Bottom.  We know well the many contributions John has made to our fragile neighborhood.   His serving on our ANC will insure a strong pursuit of Foggy Bottom’s health and safety.

Scott W. / Shirley W.
I Street NW Residents

Like John, we have been a homeowner here in Foggy Bottom for more than 20 years. So we appreciate his serious commitment to the neighborhood and the community. We have great respect and confidence in his ability to address the issues of the neighborhood and find solutions whether it is working with George Washington University, city government or other neighbors. As an ANC Commissioner, we know that we can count on him to be proactive and build a consensus to get things done for the entire community.

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