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Our Neighborhood's Governing Body

What is the ANC?

The ANC acronym stands for the Advisory Neighborhood Commission.  A group of elected, unpaid representatives that work throughout DC for their individual communities and collectively for the City. 

Each DC ward has between 4 and 6 ANCs and within an ANC there are Single Member Districts (SMDs) that represent residents in a defined area.  In Ward 2, where we live,  we have 6 ANCs and our ANC is called 2A.  2A has 8 SMDs each lead by a commissioner. 

I am running for ANC SMD Commissioner 2A03.   

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What are the boundaries of 2A03?

All streets and residences included from the west side of 24th Street NW from Pennsylvania Ave NW down to the 900 block of New Hampshire Ave. NW to the north side of I Street NW to the east side of 26 street up to the north side of K Street NW (at 26th Street NW) over to the west along the Eastern bank of Rock Creek Parkway back up to the south side of Pennsylvania Ave. NW and then back to 24th Street NW.

Typical Topics for review and recommendations covered by 2A Commissioners:

  • Restaurant/Business licenses

  • Zoning/Building permits

  • Transportation, including bike lanes, rental bikes and scooters

  • George Washington University Campus Plans

  • GW Hospital requests

  • Residential Quality of Life Issues

  • And much more…

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