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We live in a diverse and dynamic part of the District of Columbia.  Thanks to former progressive residents, our historic neighborhood was saved from grand scale urban renewal. Today, our residents continue to fight for a strong quality of life and a positive balance with GWU.  Here are my thoughts on the issues today. 
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Quality of Life in Foggy Bottom

The interconnected single member districts (SMD) within ANC 2A must work together along with other parts of the city and city officials to address economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic; continue to coordinate with various city services to address transient populations; street/sidewalk/lighting maintenance; litter; graffiti abatement; rat overpopulation; greenspace maintenance and beautification; abandon buildings; dog park renovation; and children’s park maintenance. 


Why 2A03 residents care?  Foggy Bottom is our neighborhood and we are proud to live here, so let’s work together to improve our quality of life.

Community Relationship with GWU

There is a long and rich 200 year history of GWU in DC. As part of the fabric of Foggy Bottom, the University and the community must maintain a positive relationship.  The balance is sometimes delicate.  Recently, GWU announced plans for virtual rather than in person classes for the fall of 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  As the weeks and months unfold, university students and community residents need to feel safe and be safe while living in a densely populated, urban setting.  I have engaged GW in several written communications as well as in ANC meetings to discuss issues important to the community, campus reopening plans and the need for testing of all students not just those living on-campus. 


Why 2A03 residents care?  Our Foggy Bottom/West End  communities include short and long-term residents as well as many GWU students, faculty, and staff – we must act as one community with respect and care for one another.

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